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In contrast with the "Great artists", the “Young artists” could contribute to the Artistic, Comics and Scenario creations with colours, comics, shapes, pictures, digital collages, matrix photos, artistic photos, stories, novels, songs, poems, lyrics and simple words to fight on anxiety, depression and melancholy.

Mr. Angelo Robert Nicholas (J) MOLSON was born in Hammersmith ( London of Hammersmith and Fulham, England ); He has written more than three (450) e-poems and e-songs with and more than one hundred sixty (170) articles, e-books, books, novels, newsletters, papers and reports for International Conferences, Journals, Periodicals, News-papers, Seminars, Magazines, e-blogs and e-bookstores (namely, the digital books), as an independent author and scientific researcher.

He has participated as an artist – writer – author – editor – scientific expert – reviewer – advisor – chairman & visitor for many Publications, Exhibitions, Conferences and International Events as shown below: Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Philippines, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Thailand, U.K., U.S.A., other.

His most recent e-publications were: ‘The Summer Ends 2016’, ‘Are You Still In My Arms?’, ‘The Snakes Seven Special Dances’, ‘As The General Winter Tales Of Adventure’ & ‘As the General Winter Translates A. R. N. Molson’s songs, ‘Κρητικός Φάρος 2004’, ‘ΟΙ ΕΚΑΤΟ ΛΕΞΕΙΣ’, ‘The Lamps  Are  For  The  Rich’, ‘James Cook 2002 Edition’, ‘The Snakes Are Eating Snails’, ‘The Snails & Snakes’ and ‘As The General Winter Tales Of Adventure’, ‘As The General Winter Translates A. R. N. Molson’s Songs’ which were written in English, Greek and Tagalog languages (see e-bookstore, www.yantzi.gr).

The Author has edited a new e-book (Volume 40, London, 2017) and he presents his artistic independent projects as an electronic art gallery, following the first e-publication of an e-book with the general title ‘ ONE HUNDRED ITEMS ’ by the unique e-publisher “ www.yantzi.gr ” in Greece.

The new e-book with the general title ‘Two Hundred Items’ expands the successful series of the New Artistic Songs Proposals, which have been e-published by “www.yantzi.gr” and published by “Anatolikos Books”. Thus, the author has created his second electronic art exhibition, which is divided into three (3) sections with paintings, digital collages and photos, covering all seasons, with an emphasis given in the summer as it is the most positive element for artistic integration.

The new e-book as a modern electronic art exhibition event comprises [a] the e-publishing section of handmade paintings, as an artistic synthesis with fine handmade paintings; [b] the photos sections; and [c] the book covering pages and cards. It is agreed that there is no need to announce, that your presence in the opening of the exhibition, would take place in an electronic gallery. But, you as an e-visitor could watch the two hundred fifteen (215) items of an electronic art exhibition any time and it would be a great honour to download the new e-book (see www.yantzi.gr).

The second art electronic exhibition aims to promote other artistic movements to create their own electronic exhibitions as e-books; and simultaneously, to integrate and encourage common people from different countries in origin, religions, colours and from different parts of the world.  To present their artistic projects by applying modern technologies at low cost and with quality standards. You may agree or disagree that there is a home country for your artistic projects and you would not always be seen as a foreigner as the art exhibition unites the people and promotes culture, traditions and personal freedom.

The author’s new e-book covering page is based on his handmade creation entitled ‘The lion & cat’ and it is demonstrated as a rotated ‘3D e-painting version’.

The Illustrated Paintings as Book Designs, Cards, Matrix Photos, Paintings, Photos Collages, Posters and Pictures were made by Angelo Robert Nicholas MOLSON ©. All rights are reserved